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  • "The White Witch" by Peter Sauder - Aired 9/7/85
  • "Escape Into Terror" by Peter Sauder - Aired 9/14/85
  • "The Trigon...Unleashed" by Peter Sauder and Richard Beban - Aired 9/21/85
  • "A Race to the Finish" by Peter Sauder and Steven Wright - Aired 9/28/85

  • Episode 1: The White Witch, written by Peter Sauder.

    Review by Aaron Snyder.

    The story begins with C3PO and R2D2 marooned on a planet's junk yard by their former master who was arrested for smuggling stolen goods. They meet up with two aspiring landspeeder racers named Thall Joben and Jord Dusat who claim them and take them to their shop. On their way there they cross over into the restricted zone, which is controlled by Tig Fromme, the son of a powerful gangster, and escape Fromme's attack on them with help from a woman named Kea Moll. Thall and Jord arrive at their shop and show C3PO and R2D2 their landspeeder named the White Witch that they hope to enter into the Bakda speeder race. Shortly after Thall, C3PO, and R2D2 leave the shop that night Jord is kidnapped by a muscle droid sent by Tig Fromme. Thall and the droids, after being informed by Kea Moll that Fromme did this, find Tig Fromme's secret base where Jord is imprisoned with Kea's help. After getting past the sentry droid, they enter a cave, which leads into the service tubes of the base. They travel through the service tubes in the White Witch, looking for Jord. When they come to a window and a control panel Thall cuts the window open with a lightsaber and takes the White Witch through it towards the control station while Threepio and Kea man the control panel. Threepio is then contacted by Thall who informs him that the gates are closing and that he and Artoo will crash if Threepio doesn't open them. Threepio uses to control panel to open them in the nick of time, and Thall, in the White Witch, goes up the elevator tube, barely escapes colliding with an elevator, and rescues Jord. Tig Fromme prepares droid cruisers to attack the White Witch once it exits the base and shuts off his sentry droids so that they and the droid cruisers will not destroy each other. Thall, Jord, and Artoo, after picking up Kea and Threepio, travel back through the service tubes to the outside of the cave they entered. Once they exit the cave they encounter the droid cruisers. Threepio reactivates the sentry droids by pressing the override control button causing the sentry droids and the cruisers to battle each other instead of Thall, Jord, Kea, C3PO, and R2D2. Thall, Jord, Kea, C3PO, and R2D2 escape from Fromme's base and leave the planet to enter the White Witch in the Bakda speeder races.

    Episode 2: Escape Into Terror, written by Peter Sauder.

    Review by Aaron Snyder.

    While traveling to the Bakda speeder races, Thall, Jord, Kea, C3PO, and R2D2 are forced to make a detour to the planet Annoo to pick up a hyperdrive unit after their ship's unit is lost due to Threepio's incompetence. Living on Annoo is Kea's mother whom they visit as well as Tig Fromme's father Sise Fromme, the notorious gang master. Sise learns of Thall and Jord's eminent arrival and prepares to deal with them. On Annoo, the droids discover a secret rebel base deep inside Kea's mother's house, linking her with the rebel alliance. That night a droid, sent by Sise and Tig Fromme, attacks Thall, but Kea saves him by destroying it. Kea's mother than explains to Thall and Jord that Tig Fromme is building the Trigon 1, a powerful weapon satellite, and he was trying to destroy Thall because he and Jord knows of its location, which Sise wants to keep secret. She then tells them that their only hope is to destroy the Trigon 1 before it leaves for Tig Fromme's base on Ingo. Jord then comes up with a plan. He and Kea leave early the next morning to sneak aboard Sise's ship which is going to the base. When Thall learns of this he becomes distressed (and rightfully so since Jord and Kea get captured) and he goes to rescue them. Afterwards, Thall uses his own plan to get on board. He and Kea hide in container units, which Threepio and Artoo take on board the ship. Before Kea gets in her container she attaches an item onto Threepio's chest. The droids enter the ship taking the containers in which they are hiding with them and Jord stays on Annoo to help Kea's mother. When the ship arrives on Ingo the droids get permission to take the container containing Thall and Kea to the hanger (where the Tigron 1 is kept) from Sise Fromme after Threepio saves him from being crushed by a falling storage container. The droids enter the hanger and find out that the item Kea placed on Threepio's chest is a thermal detonator. Sise and Tig Fromme discover their plan and send droids to stop them. Kea and Artoo destroy the droids and lock out Fromme's guards as Thall throws the thermal detonator at the ceiling. The detonator blows the ceiling open as Thall, Kea, Threepio, and Artoo hijack the Trigon 1 and escape. Thall and Kea then decide to destroy the Trigon 1 when they get back to Annoo. Meanwhile Sise Fromme, with his gang ruined, decides to travel far away and think of a new plot to take over the system without his son's involvement.

    Episode 3: The Trigon... Unleashed, written by Richard Beban and Peter Souder.

    Review by Aaron Snyder.

    On Ingo, Thall and R2D2 go to hide the Trigon 1 from Sise Fromme and his gang, leaving Kea and C3PO at a speeder shop. A band of Sise Fromme's clone soldiers ambush Kea and Threepio, while Thall and Artoo are away. They return from hiding it, however, in time to save them from the ambush, and the four speed away from the clones in the White Witch. The clones jump into their speeders and chase them into a trap they prepared. The captured heros are brought to Tig Fromme's stronghold where he interrogates them, demanding to know the location of the Trigon 1. Tig also reveals that he has captured Jord and Kea's mother as well, and that they will not be freed unless he learns of the location of the Trigon. Thall then demands to speak with Tig's father, Sise Fromme. Thall tells Sise the location, though he withholds the fact that he and Artoo rigged it to collide with Fromme's stronghold, thus destroying it. Sise sends Tig to retrieve it on Ingo, and, instead of freeing Jord and Kea's mother, throws Thall, Kea, and the droids into Jord's cell. With the help of a plan Artoo devises, they escape from the cell. Thall and Kea go to free Kea's mother, while Jord and the droids capture a ship to escape from the stronghold in before the Trigon collides with it. Thall and Kea rescue Kea's mother, reunite with Jord aboard the ship he stole, and escape from the stronghold moments before the Trigon collides with it (also Tig, who was aboard the Trigon 1, evacuates shortly before the collision).