IMPORTANT NOTE: All videos on this page require you to install a few Intel capture card files. Simply download codinstl.exe (724 KB), run it, and they'll work fine with any avi viewer like Windows Media Player.

Droids Cartoon Clips:

Droids Cartoon Opening Theme - 1.66 MB

The Max Rebo Band plays at a local restaurant - 636 KB

Boba Fett talks with a local gangster about 'taking out' 3PO, R2, and their friends - 2.16 MB

Boba Fett chases R2 and the 'White Witch' in a Race - 2.42 MB

The Droids and their friends are trapped in a pit with a monster - 1.98 MB

Jan uses a lightsaber to cut down a door - 679 KB

Ewoks Cartoon Clips:

Ewoks Cartoon Season I Opening Theme - 1.71 MB

Ewoks steal back their invisible soap from the Duloks - 1.41 MB

The Ewoks dance with the fire folks who are soon captured after the Ewoks departure - 2.82 MB

The Ewoks are 'haunted' by their invisible enemies - 2.02 MB

The Ewoks escape by flying on a shape changing creature - 2.94 MB

A Traveling Show Comes to Town - 1.84 MB

Celebration dance with shape changing creatures - 682 KB

Other Cartoon Clips:

A Droids/Ewoks ad appearing in front of the the episodes on the recently released tapes - 1.99 MB