On 02/08/2000, Eric Walker dropped by this site. Eric played one of the main characters, Mace Towani (the original Mace) in the Ewok Adventure and also briefly in Battle For Endor. He dropped me a line and this is what he had to say:

I enjoyed your web page. Looking at those old photographs makes me laugh since I am 30 now.
----Eric Walker

A few weeks later, he did an interview for this site:

Check it out, it is sure to answer most of your questions. To talk to Mace himself, stop by Eric's own web site: www.ericwalker.net

Just how big of an Ewok fanatic am I? Just enough to name my dog after one of the main characters, Cindel. You can find a picture of her below. Click here to see a second picture of her. These photos were taken right after I adopted her, when she was four months old. I know, she looks nothing like Aubree Miller, but c'mon, it's still a pretty cool name!


Ewok Lobbycards: Thanks to Connie of Connie's Warwick Davis/Leprechaun page, here is a collection of scans of the original Ewok Adventure lobby cards from 1984. Click here to access them!

Ewok Cursors and Icons: Wouter created a set of cursors and icons for your desktop based on the two Ewok movies. You can download the cursors by clicking here and you can download the icons by clicking here. Thanks Wouter!

Special Feature

Looking for the Ewok movies on video? Unfortunately, they have been out of print for quite a while. But there are plenty of folks selling used copies with the sleeves intact on eBay!
But don't pay more than twenty dollars per film! If you do that, you've officially been ripped off.

So video's not good enough for ya? Then you might as well join the EWOK DVD CAMPAIGN.

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