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Erpham Warrick is Wicket's great-grandfather. He was a great Ewok warrior many years ago, and still is the role-model for many young Ewoks. He had made the legendary Ewok battle wagon, that Wicket tried to rebuild years later. To help Wicket rebuild it, Erpham's ghost made a brief appearance to guide him. Not much more is known about Erpham Warrick, mostly because he died many years ago. Erpham is Deej Warrick's grandfather.

Deej is also an Ewok warrior. He is Wicket's father, and he has four children: Weechee, Widdle (a.k.a. Willy), Wicket, and Winda. In one episode of the Ewoks series, Deej becomes deadly ill, and his three sons had to find three special ingredients for a magic potion needed to cure him. Additionally, it was Deej who found the Towani family's starcruiser. His Ewok wife is Shodu Warrick.

Shodu Warrick is Deej Warrick's wife. She isn't much in the Ewok movies or cartoon series, mostly because she spends most of her time taking care of her youngest daughter Winda. Her four children are Weechee, Widdle (a.k.a. Willy), Wicket, and Wokling Winda. Weechee is her oldest son.

Weechee Warrick is Shodu's oldest son, and Wicket's stronger and smarter older brother. He is already an Ewok warrior, and together with Paploo is probably the strongest warrior in the village. Weechee is often the leader in Ewok expeditions. His younger brother is Widdle.

Widdle Warrick is Wicket's goofy, chubby, and clumsy brother. He is the black sheep of the Warrick family. His name is somewhat of a mystery. In 'Ewok Adventure' he is called Widdle, but in 'Battle For Endor' and the Ewoks animated series, he is referred to as Willy. Widdle is definetely the funniest Ewok. Wicket is his younger brother.

Wicket W. Warrick, the hero of Return of the Jedi, both Ewok telefilms, and the Ewoks animated series, is a young Ewok who desperately wants to become a warrior. He is certainly a smart Ewok: he actually has learned some English in the second Ewok movie. In the second season of the Ewoks animated series, Ewok has grown a little, has changed his color, look, and voice. He has a little Wokling sister named Winda, and a pet Bordok named Baga.

There isn't much known about this Wokling. She is Wicket's precious baby sister, and her mother, Shodu, spends most of her time taking care of her.

Baga is Wicket's pet Bordok (a horse-like creature native to Endor). The Bordoks are seen briefly in the first Ewoks movie, but Baga has a prominent part in the animated series.

Chief Chirpa is the chief of the Ewok clan. He makes all the decisions, and usually accompanies the warriors on expeditions. He is the head of the Ewok Council of Elders. He is Princess Kneesaa's father, and his wife, Ra-Lee, died when Kneesaa was very young. He also has another daughter, Asha, who he lost when she was very young.

Princess Kneesaa, daughter of Chief Chirpa, is the heroine of the Ewoks television series. Her mother died when she was a Wokling. She also has a long-lost older sister, Asha.

Asha is Chief Chirpa's daughter. According to the SW Encyclopedia, the Chirpa family was being attacked by Hanadak, and her mother died while trying to save her. All that their family found left of her was her clothing. She was found by a clan of Corrinas (wolves) and they raised her. She spent her time tracking down fur-trading Duloks, under the name Red Ghost. Many years later, her family found her again.

Logray is the medicine man from the Ewok tribe. In the Ewoks series, he is Teebo's mentor. According to various other sources, Logray was removed from office after the Battle of Endor. Apparently, it was he who caused the whole mess with the feast for C-3PO (where they almost cooked Han, Luke, and Leia). Paploo, who challenged his actions, replaced him. Additionally, it has also been said that he bullied Wicket by banishing him from all rituals, and during the Battle of Endor, it appeared that Logray was a coward. Logray was banned from the tribe, and all Ewoks have said to have forgotten him by now.
The second storyline originates from one of the sourcebooks, so it is up to you if you want to believe it. In the Ewoks cartoons, Logray always was a wise and respectable shaman, so it is doubtable if he really was banished from the tribe.

Teebo is the young Ewok who is Wicket's best friend. He is Logray's apprentice, and hopes to become the Ewok shaman someday. He has a unique way of communicating with nature, and is a dabbler in the art of poetry. He knows a small amount of magic, which for some reason usually doesn't end up very well. He has a young sister, Malani.

Malani is Teebo's younger sister. She has a huge crush on Wicket. She is often outcasted by the other Ewoks, and is forced to play with the very young Ewoks, who she is just too old to play with.

Paploo is the wise, strong Ewok who heroically risked his life for the Rebellion. It is Paploo who jumped on the speeder bike to distract the Troopers away from the Imperial Shield Generator bunker. In the series, Paploo is just as strong, wise, and risk-taking. According to one Ewok legend, Paploo challenged Logray's authority and became the new Ewok medicine man.

Latara is Princess Kneesaa's very best friend, and the two spend the majority of their time together.

Chukha-Trok is the woodcutter of the village. He is a strong and wise Ewok, and unfortunately looses his life at the end of Ewok Adventure, sacrificing his life so Mace and the Ewoks could escape. Chukha-Trok also taught Mace many lessons on their journey.

Lumat is one of the many Ewoks who helped the Rebellion defeat the Empire in the Battle For Endor. He is the tribe's chief woodcutter. Whether this is the same character as Chukha-Trok is unknown.

Romba also is an Ewok warrior. However, not much is known about this character. He fought in the Battle Of Endor.

Warok is another Ewok warrior, and not much is known about him, either. He also fought in the Battle Of Endor.

Nippett is the Wokleing seen in Return of the Jedi. Who it belongs to is unknown, too.

Kaink is the Ewok priestess. She lives several miles away from the Ewok village, leading a life of solitude, one with nature. She accompanied the Ewok warriors on their mission to save Mace and Cindel's parents. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

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