In 1985, George Lucas, with directors Jim and Ken Wheat, returned Star Wars to the small screen with the sequel to Caravan of Courage:  The Ewok Adventure.  In this second venture, Wicket and Cindel must face off against the evil Marauders.  At the beginning of the story, the Marauders capture all the Ewoks, and kill Cindel's family.  The duo isn't at it alone, though.  On their journey they meet Noa, an old hermit who is also looking for a way home, and his small but fast companion Teek.  Together, the four friends try to rescue the Ewoks, facing off against a whole army of evil Marauders led by King Terak, a witch named Charal, and a bloodthirsty dragon.
Ewoks: The Battle For Endor is a surprisingly good television movie. It could have just as well been released in theaters. This movie is just as good as the first Ewoks movie, and many will argue that it is just as good as the four other Star Wars movies, as well! I, for one, have watched this movie many times since its original airing, and have enjoyed it almost as much as the original Star Wars trilogy.  And that's exactly why I wanted to pay this little tribute to it, hoping it will remain a cult classic for future generations to come.

Explore The Battle For Endor in the three sections below. You will find an extensive character picture archive in the CAST section, a plot synopsis in the PLOT section, and just about everything else I could lay my hands on in the DETAILS section.

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Ewok Cursors and Icons: Wouter created a set of cursors and icons for your desktop based on the two Ewok movies. You can download the cursors by clicking here and you can download the icons by clicking here. Thanks Wouter! In other Star Wars related info, Disney World has added Stars Wars weekends to the ever expanding list of Star Wars events. Walt Disney World vacation packages are easy to scoop up and its easy to find fun Orlando Florida hotels to stay in. Ewoks have even been seen walking around the Disney parks alongside our other favorite characters. It sounds like a fun time!

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