Ewoks and Droids Toys

After Return of the Jedi had been all passé and forgotten, Kenner decided to take another grab at Star Wars toys with the Ewoks and Droids line.  This wasn't the only Star Wars line in existence at the time, as there were still toys being produced based on Return of the Jedi. For example: the infamous Tatooine Skiff, as well as the Endor Forest Ranger.  But all toys produced in this line were made in smaller quantities, because Star Wars just wasn't that popular anymore in 1985.  The Ewoks line was more aimed at younger children, while the Droids line was more similar to the original Kenner Star Wars toys.


The Ewoks line, although running for two years, produced only 6 action figures.  The action figures were all new molds and sculpts - Wicket and Logray were just 'cartoonized' versions of their Return of the Jedi movie figures.  No new vehicles accompanied the new line, although the cardback did show the Return of the Jedi Ewok Village, Assault Catapult, Combat Glider, and Battle Wagon.  A second series of six more action figures were to be released in 1986, but they never made it to stores.  These six figures were: Bondo, Chituhr, Weechee, Morag, Chief Chirpa, and Paploo.  They did appear in the 1986 Kenner product catalogue, and you can see them below with the other six figures from Steve Sansweet's Star Wars Insider #27 article on the Ewoks and Droids line (click here to view the entire article):

The Ewoks cardback was a lot different from other Star Wars Kenner cards.  First of all, it seems to have been aimed more at smaller children, and that is really notable on the colors and shapes used:

The descriptions listed on the cardback are the following:

1. WICKET W. WARRICK A friendly and inquisitive young EWOK who loves adventure.

2. LOGRAY Wise old medicine man who aids the EWOKS with magic spells and potions.

3. KING GORNEESH The conniving king of the DULOKS who hopes to enslave the EWOKS.

4. URGAH LADY GORNEESH Sly mate of KING GORNEESH who aids him in his devious plans.

5. DULOK SCOUT A loathsome, villainous, swamp-dwelling creature who spies on the EWOKS.

6. DULOK SHAMAN An inept "witch doctor" who uses nasty tricks to attempt to frighten or outwit the EWOKS.

Logray - Wicket - King Gorneesh - Urgah Lady Gorneesh - Dulok Shaman - Dulok Scout

The Ewoks line wasn't limited to these 3¾" action figures and vehicles.  There also was a pre-school Ewoks line based on the TV-series, which consisted of these three playsets (the Ewok Family Hutt, the Ewok Fire Wagon, and the Ewok Woodland Wagon, respectively):



The Droids line, despite the fact that the show ran only one season, produced three vehicles and twelve new action figures.  C-3PO and R2-D2 were 'cartoonized' versions of their original figures, while Boba Fett and the A-Wing Pilot were the exact same sculpts as their previous figures.  The line produced the following figures: C-3PO, R2-D2, Thall Joben, Jord Dusat, Kea Moll, Tig Fromm, Sise Fromm, Kez-Iban, Uncle Gundy, Jann Tosh, Boba Fett, and A-Wing Pilot.  Eight new figures were scheduled to be released in 1986, and were featured in the 1986 Kenner catalogue: Jessica Meade, Mungo Baobab, Kleb Zellock, Admiral Screed, Vlix, Mon Julpa, Gaff, and Governor Koong.  Apparently, Vlix was released by a Brazilian toy company several years later.  Read more about it at the Star Wars Toy Resource Page's Droids section http://pages.map.com/starwars/droids.html.

The Droids line also consisted of three vehicles:  The enormously rare A-Wing Fighter, the ATL Interceptor, and the Sidegunner, and also a Battery Operated Lightsaber.

the Sidegunner

the A-wing fighter

The Droids cardback gave the following descriptions for all the characters:

SEE-THREEPIO (C-3PO) Protocol DROID and translator of human/cyborg/alien languages... a critical but devoted companion to ARTOO-DETOO (R2-D2).

ARTOO-DETOO (R2-D2) A feisty Maintenance DROID whose hidden gadgets save him and his friends from galactic perils.

THALL JOBEN Teenager from the planet INGO with a passion for speeder racing.

JORD DUSAT THALL JOBEN ['s] best friend -- a "tough" guy who wants to become a speeder racer champion.

KEA MOLL Brave and beautiful teenager from the planet ANNOO who can handle any challenge.

TIG FROMM The leader of an underworld gang of thugs and cutthroats who prey on the weak and helpless of INGO.

SISE FROMM One of the most notorious gang leaders in the galaxy whose secret desire is to run THE EMPIRE.

KEZ-IBAN A lost prince (MON-JULPA) who was left to wander from planet to planet after his memory was stripped by an evil vizier.

UNCLE GUNDY An old fortune hunter whose hard luck never discourages him from seeking the "pot of gold" on every planet.

JANN TOSH A teenager who was orphaned in the Clone Wars and now travels with the adventurous UNCLE GUNDY.

BOBA FETT The most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy.

A-WING PILOT Daring and fearless pilot of the speedy A-WING FIGHTER.


Of course, that's not all there is to know about Ewoks and Droids action figures, toys, and merchandising.  For more information, I recommend that you visit the Star Wars Toy Resource Page.
Just about all images on this page and most of the information comes from the Star Wars Toy Resource Page, by Paul Levesque.  Many thanks to Mr. Levesque for letting me use his snapshots, scans, and pictures.