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Welcome to the NEW Star Wars TV!
Besides having seen Star Wars on videocassette and in theaters, I am pretty sure just about everyone has seen it on television. I'm not talking about the original Star Wars movies being broadcasted, but about Star Wars characters making appearances on popular television shows. In Star Wars Insider issue # 32, Scott Chernoff did a wonderful article about these Star Wars 'TV appearances'. He mentioned many of them, but not all, so I decided to start where he left off, while also give you very detailed descriptions of all the ones I have or I have heard of. In case you don't really understand what you'll find on this page, let me make myself a little more clear about what's included. Say Mark Hamill did an interview a few years ago on a popular talk show, and in it he talked about playing Luke Skywalker. This would not be included in this page. However, if he appears on a Bob Hope special, and actually plays Luke Skywalker in a skit, it will be included. So what you'll find here will be the original Star Wars cast members playing their characters anywhere except for the original Star Wars trilogy. Although it says 'TV' in the title, it can also be video or, in the case of Star Tours, a theme park attraction. From The Star Wars Holiday Special to rare episodes of Sesame Street with R2-D2 and C-3PO, you'll find it here. Start your tour at the menubar to your left, and enjoy your stay . . .


2002 - The episode of the Muppet Show that features Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, as well as C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca is now available on DVD! Click on the cover to buy it at amazon.com!!

4.25.00 - I updated the Ewok page with an interview with the main star, Eric Walker, who played Mace! It's a great interview, and will answer many questions that you might have had about the Ewok movies.

4.2.00 - Zoiks! It's been a while. I updated both of the Ewok movies pages with (1) a collection of cursors and icons based on the Battle for Endor and Caravan of Courage, (2) scans of a set of original lobby cards from Caravan of Courage, and (3) thumbnail galleries of all the snapshots I have available of both movies. Enjoy!

9.11.99 - Star Wars Theater will return! I am currently putting together a half-hour program with clips of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher on such programs as Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Dinah Shore, Letterman, and The Today Show (classic programs only). I hope to be updating the Theater every two weeks, so look for that and a Siskel & Ebert tribute with some classic reviews.

9.3.99 - It looks like Star Wars - Caught On Tape! has had a make-over. It looks really nice, and although none of the links work at the moment, it looks to become a great resource and a great site overall. Some years ago I used to steal pictures from this site, but I hope that there is currently no competition between the two of us.
Also, Star Wars Theater will be coming back shortly. I've got some great stuff lined up, so come back soon. Finally, I'm working on a list of SWTV frequently asked questions. If you have any information on undocumented programs you would like me to include, drop me a line, please. I've already found some cool new info on MICKEY MOUSE's 50th Birthday celebration special with the droids and Chewbacca!

8.13.99 - The brand new layout has finally been launched. Please let me know what you think, and please report any bugs and errors you may find.

7.20.99 - I got back from the Chicago Comic Con the other day, and guess what I found there! Yes, the Sesame Street episodes. I already opened a section for it, which you can find on the left. I also put up my list, even though it's not complete. The new Droids episode summary is posted, too, and I also made some fixes to the Star Wars Holiday Special page (namely the cast section index pictures).

7.14.99 - I am writing out a list of all the old (and new) Star Wars television footage I have on tape. I hope to have it up soon. Also, I will be at the 1999 Chicago Comic Con this weekend. If I find any rare stuff there, I will let you know on this site. Finally, I have a new Droids episode summary courtesy of Aaron Snyder that I will post shortly.

5.24.99 - I finally added the Caravan of Courage site to the Ewoks and Droids Collective a while ago. It of course isn't finished yet, but it will have some great extra features soon.

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