Bob Hope's All-Star Comedy Christmas Special

Bob Hope's All-Star Comedy Christmas Special
With Special Appearances by Mark Hamill, Olivia Newton John, Perry Como, and Jim Henson's Muppets.


Just about each year, Bob Hope would have his annual yuletide special with carloads of songs, skits, jokes, musical numbers, and special guests.  1977's Christmas Special guest starred, among others, Mark Hamill.  Hamill was featured in several comedy skits, along with all the other guests, and even reprised his role in that summer's hit movie Star Wars.  A science fiction comedy skit featured at the end of the show had Olivia Newton John, as Princess Olivia, along with Fluke Sleepwalker, in the clutches of Bart Vaiter, played by Bob Hope, who also captured Santa Claus.  After a few minutes of jokes, Luke Skywalker, in his Tatooine fatigues, comes to rescue them, with the Force (The Los Angeles Police Force), and arrest Bart Vaiter for 'malicious mutilation of a marvelous movie'.


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