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The 1997 MTV Movie Awards decided to let Chewbacca be honored with a life-time achievement award.  Mike Myers was the announcer, and then a short clip of some memorable Chewie scenes appeared in an entertaining reel.  They also used shots from a fake Larry King interview with Chewie (that was made for this compilation only).  Finally, Chewbacca came out to accept his medal, from none other than Carrie Fisher.  He gave a little speech, and then the two left off together.  At the end of the show, during the credits, you can also see a shot of Chewbacca walking through the hall, and a shot of Chewie, Carrie, and her daughter.  You can download the entire clip, thanks to the guys at TheForce.net, in Quicktime right here.
It's about 7MB, and you'll need Quicktime 3.0+, so beware!  Many people don't have Quicktime 3.0, so don't go thinking you've automatically got it :)  Also, please note that you may not post this clip on your webpage without permission from TheForce.net's Multimedia Hub.

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The following are stills I made from the clip that can be downloaded above.







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