Hosted By Mark Hamill, with a Special Appearance by R2-D2


In 1980, PBS aired this special, called 'SP FX Special Effects of Empire Strikes Back'.  Mark Hamill , located in a movie theater, hosted the special, taking a look at the miniatures, animation, and all the other special effects of Empire Strikes Back.  He also talks about the history of special effects:  the special effects in early movies from the twenties, to the cult films from the fifties.
The special itself is very much different from The Making of Star Wars As Told By R2-D2 and C-3PO.  The Making of Star Wars takes a step-by-step look at the movie, while SP FX, on the contrary, takes a less spoiling, albeit more in-depth look at the movie.
The hourlong dose of special effects was not successfull.  Empire Strikes Back is a magical film, where the special effects don't play a large part.  After a matter of minutes, the show becomes boring.
The upside of the show is a a quick glanse of missing Wampa footage.  Empire Strikes Back originally was supposed to feature a scene in which the Wampa carried Luke to its cave.  However, it wasn't done good, since the Wampa is twice as big as Luke, and the actor had to walk on stilts.  In any case, a second or two of that deleted scene was included in this special.
Near the end of the show, R2-D2 stops by the theater, and bleeps a few remarks.


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