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In 1979, R2-D2 and C-3PO made two appearances on the popular children's program Sesame Street. They were both filmed at the same time, and most likely aired in 1980. In the first appearance, the droids arrive in their spaceship.

Yes, that yellow thing is the spaceship. They come to deliver a hologram message for Oscar the Grouch (second picture). They end up staying for a while, and help Big Bird and the children. In the second episode, they arrive by bus, making it a lot easier on our eyes. In total, both episodes feature about 40 minutes of Droid footage. I have a tape with the episodes as aired on television, but I don't know when exactly it was shown on television. However, I also have a tape from PBS that has raw footage (hence the counter at the top) of the Droid recordings, including footage that didn't make it to the screen. The episodes were filmed on 11/2/1979. Whether everything was shot on one day, I don't know, but most of it was filmed on the afore-mentioned date.


I have put up two audio scenes from the show in Real Audio. You will need RealPlayer to run these.
Clip 1: R2-D2 and Big Bird sing about bananas ("I Say Banana")
Clip 2: C-3PO talks to R2-D2, who is in love with a fire hydrant

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In addition I also have several screen captures from the program as recorded off television (these don't have the counter at the top). They are fairly large, so I included these links to them. Thanks to Louis for the pictures!


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