THX 1138 Video Clips:

review.mpg: THX is reviewed by a board of elders (1.36MB, 00:30)
containment.mpg: THX is in containment with several other prisoners and speaks to SEN 5421 (4.4 MB, 01:38)
punch.mpg: SEN is punched in his face (1.06 MB, 00:23)
wayout.mpg: SRT (the Hologram) appears and finds a way out (4.06 MB, 01:31)
excape.mpg: THX, SRT, and SEN escape (3.41 MB, 01:16)
children.mpg: THX and SRT continue their escape while SEN speaks to several children (3.82 MB, 01:25)
carescape.mpg: THX and SRT find cars to escape with - SRT crashes (6.81 MB, 02:32)
chase.mpg: THX is in the car being chased by authorities (4.19 MB, 01:33)
climb.mpg: THX 1138 climbs to his freedom in these gripping, final moments of the film (4.28, 01:36)

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